We are the pain, strain, injury, and stress specialist.

The body is not static and so our education isn’t either.

A center for wellness located on the coast of Ventura County is dedicated to holistic solutions for business and personal.  Medical massage techniques used for neuromuscular rehabilitation and relaxation.  An experience beyond words.

The doors opened initially in 2007 on Main Street in Ventura then moved and expanded to Loma Vista Road in 2012 expanding to three treatment rooms instead of a split level two room facility with massage therapists that have different strengths and skills.  Just Being Healthy went from one massage therapist to three massage therapists, independent health coach team, and registered nutritional consultant. Healthy solutions to living life fully and healthy.

 The focus of JBH is to provide affordable services for health and medical needs where it is needed.  Ongoing $25.00 Affordable Wellness Day is the second Wednesday of the month, offering focused sessions of massage for relief with a complimentary session with our health coach team, for a holistic approach to wellness.  Some of our therapists are mobile, providing chair and table massage, in the work environment and private homes, while others provide services only at the center.

Just Being Healthy is open for holidays and weekends by appointment for the benefit and convenience of our clientele and community, at no extra charge.  Our mission is to provide a healthy mindset in the communities that we are present in, regarding health and wellness, through various programs, educational events, and strategic alliances with other professionals that share our passion and commitment to the community.  At Just Being Healthy we recognize that: a healthy mind plus a healthy body equates to a healthy community.  The goal at Just Being Healthy is to be your #1 source for wellness in Ventura County every day of every year.  We are never too busy for your referrals!



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Our facility provides a warm therapeutic atmosphere for medically sound services, healthy solutions to budgets and rising health care costs. We don’t compete on price because we offer quality but we do offer loyalty programs. Please give us a call and we would be more than happy to connect with you! Weekends and Holidays available by appointment.