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Businesses need to be up, running, and profitable.  The key component to business success is keeping key person or persons active and healthy.  Just Being Healthy takes wellness to a new level.  We offer business and corporate chair massage for health fairs, crunch times, and special events but we have more.  We partner with other professionals to complete a wellness package unlike any other.  Think of us the next time your business has had a rash of sick calls, call offs, increase injury, or of course for open enrollment.

Corporate Chair Massage

Starting at $85.00*

Not just for open enrollment or your annual health fair anymore.

Crunch time, celebration, or increases in injury, sickness, or decreased productivity.

Corporate Business Wellness Package

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Stress busters memberships starting at $28.00

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Our facility provides a warm therapeutic atmosphere for medically sound services, healthy solutions to budgets and rising health care costs. We don’t compete on price because we offer quality but we do offer loyalty programs. Please give us a call and we would be more than happy to connect with you! Weekends and Holidays available by appointment.

* Travel fees may apply.