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Businesses need to be up, running, and profitable.  The key component to business success is keeping employees active and healthy.  Just Being Healthy takes wellness to a new level.  We offer business and corporate chair massage for businesses, health fairs, crunch times, and special events. Think of us the next time your business has had a rash of sick calls, injuries, or of course for open enrollment.

Why Offer Massage to your Employees?

  • Relieves pain, soreness and stiffness from performing repetitive movements and long hours of office work.
  • Helps prevent injuries, reduce time off, sick days and insurance costs.
  • Reduces stress, improves employee productivity and morale. Helps retain employees.

Why Americans Choose Massage Therapy

According to an AMTA survey released in 2019, the primary reason people received massage was for health and wellness reasons:

  • 70 percent of adult Americans who had a massage between July 2018 and July 2019 received it for medical or health reasons such as pain management, injury rehabilitation, or overall wellness.
  • 42 percent received a massage during the same time period for soreness, stiffness/spasms.
  • 49 percent received a massage during the same time period for pain relief/management.
  • 87 percent agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.

Business Chair Massage Packages

  • Minimum of 2 hours required.
  • Massages are performed on-site (at your business location), usually with one massage therapist.
  • $170 for 2 hour package (1 massage therapist) – recommended for 4-6 employees.
  • $340 for 4 hour package (1 massage therapist) – recommended for 8-12 employees.
  • Call for more information on a custom package for your business. We can offer packages with multiple massage therapists if you have enough employees interested.
  • Ask about our monthly chair massage package!

Sample Package – 4hrs/Month Corporate Chair Massage

Paid Annually, a 4hr/month massage package costs $4080.00 (regular price) for 1 year – If purchased before 12/31/2020 get a special discounted price of $3672.00 for 1 year, which is $306.00/month for 4 hours of massage.

Not just for open enrollment or your annual health fair anymore. Chair massage can be scheduled for crunch time, celebrations, or to address increases in injury, sickness, or decreased productivity.

Call for more details!



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Our facility provides a warm therapeutic atmosphere for medically sound services, healthy solutions to budgets and rising health care costs. We don’t compete on price because we offer quality and loyalty programs. Please give us a call so that we can connect you or your business to the best program for you. Weekends and Holidays available by appointment.

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